3 BHK Apartment Vipin Garden Dwarka Mor Delhi

Property description

3 bhk builder floor flat with registry 80% loan facility, lift and parking free of charge A three-bedroom semi-furnished floor is available. Wall texturing, wardrobes, and wall furnishings all have fallen ceilings. It has the highest design standards, giving you a feeling of elegance. workmanship and high quality. It guarantees total solitude and is built to provide you the freedom to develop, thrive, and live your life as you like in a setting that exudes elegance in every corner.

In Nawada, Delhi, there is a 3 BHK flat for sale. One of Nawada's most sought-after residences is this gorgeously constructed 3 BHK unit with all the modern conveniences. Get in touch right now for additional details. This 3 bedroom apartment is on floor 1. The building has four stories. It costs Rs 48.0 L to rent this flat. The cost of maintenance is Rs 500. The built-up size of each unit is 1100 square feet. There are 900.0 square feet of carpet. This property, which faces northeast, provides a beautiful outlook. 6 bedrooms are available. There are two bathrooms available. The apartment in Delhi's Nawada neighbourhood boasts a lift. The location has cctv and is really secure. Intercom capabilities are among the other amenities.

This property has a regular water supply. Prudence School, Kamal Model Senior Secondary School, and Spring Meadows Public School are all close by to this residential property. Additionally, Gandhi Hospital, Mata Roop Rani Maggo Hospital, and Tarak Hospital India Private Limited are nearby.


Property Features

This 3BHK apartments offer a range of facilities and amenities to enhance the comfort and convenience of residents. While the specific facilities may vary depending on the apartment complex and its location, here are some common features you can expect to find in a 3BHK apartment:

  • Bedrooms: This 3BHK apartment typically consists of three bedrooms, providing ample space for a small to medium-sized family. These bedrooms are usually designed to accommodate double beds, wardrobes, and other essential furniture.
  • Living Room: A spacious living room serves as the central gathering area for the family. It provides an open and comfortable space for relaxation and entertainment. The living room may come with pre-installed fixtures such as ceiling fans, lighting, and power outlets.
  • Kitchen: The kitchen is usually equipped with essential appliances such as a stove, oven, refrigerator, and sometimes a dishwasher. It may also include cabinets, countertops, and a sink. Some apartments may provide additional features like a modular kitchen setup or a separate utility area for laundry.
  • Bathrooms: A 3BHK apartment typically includes two or more bathrooms. These bathrooms often come with modern fixtures like showers, bathtubs, sinks, and toilets. The bathrooms may also have water heaters or geysers for hot water supply.
  • Balcony or Terrace: Many 3BHK apartments feature a balcony or terrace, providing residents with outdoor space to relax, enjoy the view, or even set up a small garden. This area can be a great spot to unwind and spend leisure time.
  • Storage Space: Apartments often include storage spaces such as built-in closets, cupboards, or storage rooms to help residents keep their belongings organized.
  • Parking: Some apartment complexes offer designated parking spaces for residents, either in the form of an open parking lot or an underground parking facility. This ensures convenient and secure parking for vehicles.
  • Security: Most 3BHK apartments prioritize residents' safety and provide security measures like gated entry, security guards, CCTV surveillance, and intercom systems.
  • Common Facilities: Depending on the apartment complex, you may have access to various shared amenities such as a swimming pool, gymnasium, clubhouse, children's play area, landscaped gardens, jogging tracks, and indoor/outdoor sports facilities.
  • Power Backup: Many apartments have provisions for power backup, typically through generators or inverters, to ensure uninterrupted electricity supply during power outages.
  • Lifts/Elevators: In multi-story apartment buildings, lifts or elevators are usually available to provide easy access to different floors.


Vipin Garden is a locality in the southwest district of Delhi, India. It is primarily a residential area and is situated near the Dwarka sub-city. Vipin Garden is well-connected to other parts of Delhi through various modes of transportation, including buses and the Delhi Metro.

The nearest Delhi Metro station to Vipin Garden is near to the Nawada Metro Station, which is on the Blue Line of the Delhi Metro network. From there, one can easily access other parts of Delhi and the National Capital Region (NCR). The Indira Gandhi International Airport is approximately 15-20 kilometers away from Nawada, and it takes around 30-40 minutes to reach by road, depending on traffic conditions.

In terms of amenities, Nawada has several schools, hospitals, markets, and shopping complexes in its vicinity, catering to the needs of the local residents. There are also parks and recreational areas where people can spend their leisure time.

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